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In 2011 I experienced my call to change.  I felt lost, frustrated, low in self-esteem, was deeply unhappy and afraid.  Going through a difficult divorce dented my self-esteem.  This filtered into my work life making me doubt my ability.

Through recognising my feelings and understanding them I was able to accept the call to make changes.  I wanted to feel happy again and I craved career success.


Embarking on a self-help journey I discovered who I really am, what motivates me, where I find joy, my purpose and what stops me from achieving and being happy.


Through this process, I was able to move from a place of living small and being driven by fear to a happier way of living.  This life was guided by direction and purpose enabling me to set meaningful goals.

The goals I set supported my view of my future self and ambitions.  I wanted to feel at one with myself and experience joy.  For my career, I wanted to have a voice with confidence.  These all challenged my comfort zone and consequently, fear was invited in.



Fear now serves as a signal telling me I want something and that I should go for it.  Interestingly, the feeling of fear is the same as excitement!

This journey uncovered a realisation.  A big part of me loves the journey of growth and development.  I still focus on it today and is my motivation to study for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, which is the science of living life with your authentic potential.

Personal development is part of who I am.  It supports my values and plays to my strengths which give me a sense of meaning and happiness.  Giving back and helping others are two of my values.

It has given me great joy to develop the COURAGE Model of Change© to support you on your journey to move away from a place of fear and lack to feeling strong, motivated, worthy, and happy.


The video below explains the stages in the COURAGE Model of Change© which supported my journey to embracing fear towards a more confident, successful, and happier self.  This self is your potential too.  What will you do to grow into it?



If you want to know more about working with me, contact me for a virtual conversation over a cuppa.  We can chat about what is happening in your world and how I can help you.

Danielle is a Personal Development Coach and founder of The Potentiality Project.  She utilises her corporate career success and her passion for development to help individuals embrace fear with the COURAGE Model of Change© to enable growth into their unique potential.


Main Image by eko pramono from Pixabay


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