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When I was going through my divorce, I felt disconnected.  I had lost a sense of who I was and my value.  This same feeling translated into my work life.  I was struggling with self-doubt and had no idea in which direction to take my career.

There was a desire within me to feel connected, motivated, energised and have a confident view of my self-worth.  Subsequently, my self-help journey towards growth led me to attempt understanding who I really am.

There is an ancient statement inscribed in the pronaos of the temple of Apollo at Delphi in Greece “Know thyself”.  Once you have clarity on how you feel today (see From Fear to Courage blog) knowing yourself is where the journey towards your potential begins.

You are your values, which are the internal ethics you live by.  When you live life by your values you feel good.  Consequently, when you do not uphold them, the feeling can be quite the opposite.  By monitoring this you can better control your energy and feelings of self-worth. Ask yourself:



Write a list of the words that come to mind.

Some examples could be, listening, loving, kindness, reliability, good parenting, advising others, trying my best, helping others, being there, loyalty, trust, respect, confidence, adventurous, brave.

Add all the words that come to mind.

These words translate into your values.  They are the things that motivate you to feel good not just about life, but about yourself.


Living a worthy and meaningful life, however, is also about finding what you are good at and growing your skill.  This is your potential.  When you focus on what you are good at you feel joy.   You enter a state of flow whereby you lose the sense of time and place, you become present and in the moment.  It is easy to enter a state of flow because within the activity there is a goal, you can get instant feedback about how you are doing and challenges your mind.  Ask yourself:



Through knowing who you are you can begin to create pathways towards improving your self-worth and confidence.  This is where Oneness comes into play as the second step in the COURAGE Model of Change©.   The answers lie within you.  You decide for yourself what self-worth looks like.



If you want to know more about working with me, contact me for a virtual conversation over a cuppa.  We can chat about what is happening in your world and how I can help you.

Danielle is a Personal Development Coach and founder of The Potentiality Project.  She utilises her corporate career success and her passion for development to help individuals embrace fear with the COURAGE Model of Change© to enable growth into their unique potential.


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