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Welcome to the Overcome Feeling Like a Professional Fraud Course.


Watch this introduction video.

To support you on this course, there is a Workbook.  You can find it located in the Materials tab above.

Keep it close to hand because it contains exercises that support your learning.

Once you have watched this video and downloaded the workbook, progress to the course content below.

Go to Lesson 1 and select Why you feel like a Fraud


Time guidance:

Total course – 1 hour

  • Lesson 1 Why you Feel Like a Fraud – 7:36 minutes
  • Lesson 2 The Imposter Persona – 13:42 minutes
  • Lesson 3 Practical Ways to Overcome Imposer Syndrome – 38:77 minutes

Progress through each lesson at your own pace.  Take the time to engage in the tasks as this will enhance your learning experience.

All the best,


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