Hello! I’m Danielle Dakin

It’s likely you’re here because you feel you need more career confidence, are frustrated with your progress so far, need direction, or are bored with what you are doing.

Welcome to your career development journey!

I am a qualified Positive Psychology professional, coach, and trainer.

I’ve been where you are

I’ve been where you are

     - Feeling low confidence, like an imposter. 

     - Frustrated, wanting more from my career

     - Lost, with no career direction.

     - Afraid, that I'm losing my edge.


I wanted to be successful in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry but had no idea what that looked like.

I did know, that I had to take control and find the courage to grow my confidence.


After reading countless self-help books I realised I could ...

     - Grow my confidence and feel competent.

     - Improve my career prospects.

     - Get career direction.

     - Empower myself and be relevant.

This was life-changing.

I focused on improving my skills, connecting with influential people, seeking new job opportunities that improved my pay, and reaching a status I realised I aspired towards.


I call what I did to improve my career, "growing my potentiality" which is about enhancing capability.

It took me years of learning, however with my guidance and support you can get you there faster!


About Danielle

Career confidence changed everything…


I’ve worked in the Logistics and Supply Chain industry for over 20 years. My journey was not easy and success didn’t happen overnight.

As a female business graduate working in a warehouse environment, I was faced with many challenges.

In the early days, I learned that I needed “grassroots” experience to be credible. Much later that evolved to the understanding that any career success had to be based on a foundation of confidence nurtured with courage.

This evolved into a journey to understand me, my wants, needs, and career desires.


Was my journey worth it?


It enabled me to carve out an authentic career path, one that I felt motivated towards achieving, that celebrated my strengths, made me feel happy, and rewarded me with increasingly better compensation.

In 2012 my hard work paid off winning two awards: the DHL & Everywoman Award for Innovation & Sustainability and The Women in Logistics Woman of the Year.

On my journey, I realized that I had an interest in helping others learn what I had and became curious about the psychology of personal improvement. I embarked on a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology course and have not looked back.

My experiences in self-development, positive psychology, and managing operations, teams, stakeholders, and customers, give me the credentials to help my clients grow. I still work in the logistics industry because I believe that my “real world” experience makes me relevant, and better able to support you.

Take a look at how my career evolved.



Reading a book or following a course is not everyone’s ideal way of learning.  If you prefer a one to one approach with accountability, coaching could be for you.

Coaching is a powerful development tool that can support you to build career confidence, guide you towards and through career changes.  It helped Sophie move forward in her career.

Sophie Dale-Smith

Programme Leader & Advanced Practitioner in Education
Having felt lost and lacking direction in my career and personal life over the last few years, Danielle was able to unpick what was important to me and the skills that I had forgotten I had, or even the things I enjoy. Through incisive questioning and probing, she was able to help me to rediscover the things that I value, my aspirations and skills. This is in turn helped me to direct my energy and focus on areas in my career that will allow me to flourish, succeed and enjoy. Danielle has helped me to understand my character and harness these characteristics to understand why I feel the way I do and what to do about it. I feel positive and re-energised and have sought a number of new challenges since completing the coaching. I appreciate the activities I need to engage in at work and at home to feel fulfilled and calm and why I need to do them. Danielle has helped me to refocus and appreciate myself and the skills I have. A truly fabulous experience.


The work I do is tailored specifically to your needs and the outcomes you desire.

My coaching work is guided by the COURAGE Model of Change© framework, underpinned by a mixture of coaching, mentoring and Positive Psychology intervention techniques.

Career development and changes can be difficult to work through alone.  They instigate emotions like fear and that stop you from progressing.

With coaching you are guided every step of the way.  As new challenges arise, they can be tackled straight on and I will be there to motivate you through it.

What can you expect to achieve?

Here are some areas clients have achieved success with


After a number of coaching sessions, Stephen decided he was ready for change.  He successfully got a new job a level higher with a much improved remuneration package.


Stephen McGuirk

Head of Warehouse Operations
I was at point in my career where I felt it had just stagnated. I’d become disconnected, almost lost on that hamster wheel that kept on going round and round. It started to impact my self-confidence, self-belief, passion and drive. I reached out to Danielle with an open mind, not really knowing what support I needed to change where I was. Through engaged questioning, coaching and mentoring Danielle helped me to identify how to unpick/unlock where I currently was in my career path and mindset. She focused on self-awareness and what I had already achieved, strengths, skills, experiences I have already gained. My confidence and self-belief and courage reignited to the point I could recognize the need for change. I decided to make some fundamental changes to my career path, resigning my then position of Warehouse Site Manager, taking some well-earned time out and then starting my new role as Head of Warehouse Operations. I would highly recommend to anyone who is at this point in their life or career who wants change but is unsure how to make that change, to reach out to Danielle. My experience has been career changing.


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Discover the coaching packages Danielle offers


These packages are samples to help you understand pricing.  All coaching proposals are bespoke and will come with options for different budgets.

If you have any questions or would like to understand more about coaching, contact me.  We will have a 30 minute free and no obligation call to discuss your situation.  Worst case you’ll walk away with some advice!

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  • Coaching Packages


Activate is a single coaching session, designed to discuss a challenge and identify ways forward. Example challenges could be preparing for a job change, interview, planning...


Motivate is a 3-month coaching programme, with 2 sessions a month.  It is designed to make changes in a short time with Danielle’s experience, support, help and guidance.   ...


Mature is a 6-month coaching programme designed for people who want longer-term support to move through a specific challenge with confidence.  It allows time for you to try out...


Evolve is a 12-month coaching programme designed for people who want experience change or implement changes with expert support over a longer-term.  This is ideal for anyone st...


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